United States of Tara shows other sides of its characters

Posted by Saraline , Tuesday, April 6, 2010 10:51 AM

This post contains spoilers from the episode of United States of Tara that aired on April 5, 2010.

Toni Collette's Tara seemed like a different person in the season two premiere of United States of Tara. The episode started with Tara and her family saying goodbye to her long absent alternate personalities by dumping their personal effects off at goodwill. She was more bad-ass, more confident, and more mischievous. With the reappearance of alternate personality Buck, she went back to the vulnerable and confused Tara who we got to know in season one.

Things have really gone off of the rails now. In last night's episode, Tara broke up with Buck's girlfriend Pammy (Joey Lauren Adams) who didn't take the rejection well. Pammy showed up at a skating rink where Tara was spending some quality time with her family and grabbed a microphone to announce that she loves Buck and that she had really enjoyed the past few weeks with him.

Buck's reappearance was news to Tara's family, and her husband Max (John Corbett) was pissed. He stormed out of the skating rink in a huff.

I enjoy this show a lot, but Max's character has always seemed like a weak point in the show for me. He's just too good to be true. His patience is enduring to the point of being unrealistic. It was great to see the human side of him when he lost his temper, and I'm hoping to see more depth to his character as season two continues.

On the other side of the "outside of character" spectrum, we had Buck crying in a bathroom stall at the end of the episode. We're only on episode three, but season two has been full of surprises so far. I wonder what else this show has up it's sleeve?

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Anonymous Says:

these are all girl shows. coronation street? united states of tara? come on! what about shows that men want to watch?

Saraline Says:

The title of this blog is "TV shows that I like," not "TV shows that you like." If you don't like it, don't read it.

Anonymous Says:

who the hell is going to read your stupid blog if you only write about shows that YOU like?

Saraline Says:

Um, other people who like the same shows as me? If there wasn't anyone else who liked these shows, then they wouldn't be on the air. Coronation Street has been on since the 1960s.

Anonymous Says:

your answering my comments pretty fast. bored?

Saraline Says:

I get email notifications when I get comments, which I can hear come in even if I'm not sitting at my computer. What's your excuse for responding to my comments so quickly? Are you just sitting there refreshing the screen?

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Anonymous Says:

weird comment... also, "united states of tara" is not only about women, it's a lot about the male characters as well, even if the main character is a woman. it's a funny dark comedy-drama that both men and women can relate to. it's not a girl show just because it's not mainly about men!

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