Let's see what this new doctor has to offer

Posted by Saraline , Tuesday, April 6, 2010 8:42 AM

Viewers of Doctor Who are impressed with the new Doctor. He did give a good first impression, but we'll see if he really is the best Doctor ever. So far Matt Smith's Doctor seems to very similar to David Tenant's Doctor, and I'd like to see what makes this new Doctor different. Still, Smith does seem to have the strength and charisma to fill Tenant's shoes.

My favourite companion so far has been Catherine Tate's Donna, but Karen Gillan's Amy Pond made a good first impression too. I liked that we first saw her as a child; it adds an interesting dimension to her character. It was amusing that all of the townsfolk recognized the Doctor from Amy's childhood sketches.

I knew when the Doctor told little Amelia that he would be back in five minutes that he wouldn't return until she was an adult, and when Amy said that she had some "stuff" the next day, I knew that she was supposed to be getting married. I wonder if the Doctor will have her back in time for her wedding? My guess is that he won't.

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shuttupjerk Says:

I liked that Steven Moffatt, who did my most favourite episiode (the girl in the fireplace), also wrote in some of the tennant lines in there that gave him the charisma in the last doctor that was delivered by Smith who added HIS own charm to it.

Amy Pond, as you said, is definitely ballsy. I like her and her sexeh legs.

I dunno if Matt Smith will be the BEST doctor, but he has great potential, added to it with great script writing from Moffatt.

I just like that they added River Song back in (in the next episode) and are looking at bringing back Jenny, The doctors Daughter.


Saraline Says:

Oh, I'm glad to hear that they're bringing River Song and Jenny back! I thought that they would probably bring Jenny back, I'm looking forward to seeing her.

Anonymous Says:

the new doctor sucks and the last one did too. donna and amy pond can both suck my ball, their both stupid.

shuttupjerk Says:

Its a good thing they're grammaticality correct before they attempt to lick an anonymous persons singular ball.


Saraline Says:

I know, right? lol

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